Saturday, December 10, 2005

Their hope hinges on our success

Photos taken by Brien Aho, MNCI-Combat Camera


Anonymous said...

I am so incredibly proud of you - the pictures of the children speak volumes - and so glad to see a picture of you as well. Am so sorry you're feeling so lonely - know that your friends and family are always an e-mail away - and that we think of you often. Again, a good man doing a good job - and making history happen. Thanks for being there!!!

Sarah C.

JarheadDad said...

Yeah but.... but.... but.... you get to take showers more than once a month like the Boyz of Company G up in Karmah! And hot meals too? heh!

I'm still trying to find time to read your complete site. Catchin' up as it were. Good stuff so far and I really look forward to your upcoming installments on the elections.

Although you may feel isolated you still wear the cammies of the USMC and I, for one, and dam* proud you do LTC! Keep on keepin' on. The stories are worth their weight in gold!

Take care,